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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SSL Certificate and why do I need it?

The SSL Certificate makes sure that the transmission of data between the visitor and the website is encrypted.

This makes sure that all information is secure.

Encrypted data would take many million years for the most powerful computer to access the data inside.

It has been rumoured that not having a valid SSL Certificate on your website affects the standing of the website with Google and other search engines as they see these websites as a risk.

How much is the SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate costs £50 per year.

It is included in the purchase of a website (all levels) at no extra cost.

Can I email you my content?

This is one of the best ways.

We do all the data inputting and content updates for you and is included in your Subscription.

Can I buy a level 1 website and upgrade later?

Yes this is totally possible.

You can upgrade directly from one level to another and/or add additional products as and when needed such as pages and email addresses.

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