Additional Features

Ready when you are.

Features for your website can be added as and when needed rather everything all at once.


If you feel the original three pages is not enough simply add one of our Multi-Page Packages to your basket. Once you receive email confirmation of your purchase, we are ready to receive your new content.

Pack of 3 £4.99

Pack of 6 £6.99

Pack of 10 £8.99

Pack of 20 £12.99

Email Accounts

When one email address is simply not enough for your organisation add an email package to your basket. Instructions on how to access your new email accounts will be sent to your main email account on along with confirmation of purchase.

Email Account £1.99

Pack of 3 £3.99

Pack of 5 £5.99

Online Shop

With products ready to sell an online shop is ideal to give your customers great service.

The online shop allows for you to view orders, add new products, set your prices, and update information when you need to.

Setup Fee + Monthly Subscription

£149 + £4.99 per month.

Unlimited Content Updates

If you wish to be able to edit your content at any time you can opt to have our CMS package installed onto your website.

Setup Fee + Monthly Subscription

£49 + £4.99 per month.

Other Features

There are many other features that can be added to your website when you need them such as Forums and Galleries.

Content Submission

Each page of digital content will be ready on your website within 24 hours.

Content must be in a selectable format such as Word or PDF.

Please note scans / photos / images of content and physical content will take much longer to process and may incur additional charges.

Customised features?

If you need something different to what is available in our standard products feel free to get in touch and we can create a no obligation quote.

All prices are a one off charge unless stated.

For enquiries please contact
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